Alex Dupree Tribute Album

A few months after my 33rd birthday, I received a mysterious pair of CDs in the mail with the following instructions:

- listen to all of track 1 before track 2, etc.
- listen to all of disc 1 before disc 2
- open envelope ONLY after listening to all of both discs"

I put in disc 1 and quickly realized that this mystery mix was in fact a 23-song covers album: all old songs of mine re-imagined and performed by a cast of dear friends. Seth Woods (aka The Whiskey Priest) masterminded and produced

Musicians Take Aim to End Gun Violence compilation

Organized by Sub Rosa curation, the Musicians Take Aim to End Gun Violence compilation will benefit Stop Handgun Violence, an organization working to end gun violence through public awareness, education, strategic law enforcement, and common sense gun laws. I'm proud to include my song "Livin' the Dream" on this project alongside Michael Nau, Wild Pink, Sun Kil Moon, and others. More details soon!